Timduru (timduru) wrote in wolfphotography,

Wolves of the Gevaudan park

A few photos from my visit there.

(For those who don't know, the Gevaudan is the place where the movie BrotherHood of the wolves takes place.)

It's quite a nice place, but my main complain would be that there are not enough view point
from which you can observe the wolves freely (ie not through a fence)

They are doing guided tour, and you can also wander around freely.
The first observatory point was quite nice, and the wolves in that area lively.

They were going around in pack, and at one point they were howling and responding to each others :)

Quite playful too :)

Then our guide for the visit arrived, and started distributing a few snacks.

Then the visit followed to the other enclosure, but unfortunately no wolves came to the only other one from the guided visit with an observatory point,
all others were either through fences

and one of them through a dirty glass.
I still managed to take a couple nice picture up, full extended arms, through the glass where it was less dirty:

Then a few others,

local domestic doggie ;))

More from the 1st group of wolves as we came back around the park.

And a few nice paintings in the museum room :)

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