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Wolf-proof Fencing for Genesis Wildlife at Beech Mountain

My daughter sent out an e-mail to her friends and fellow athletes in fastpitch- I told her I'd post this to LJ. It concerns the wildlife sanctuary here on Beech Mountain, which has a new home at Eagle's Nest, and two wolves donated to them by Animal Control. They need to raise money for wolf-proof fencing of a quarter acre habitat. It will cost them roughly $7000. So, if you have a dollar, or even two...

"There are two wolfs at a animal sanctuary called Genesis Wildlife Sanctuary on Beech Mountain in North Carolina. The one wolf is a wolf hybrid who was bought by a person who thought it would be cool to have a wolf as a pet. Those owners also thought it would be a good idea to breed her to there dog. When animal control found out they took her away, and placed her with a man who has a license to keep wild animals, but that person also decided to breed her this time to a grey wolf. The man soon lost his license because a boy jumped over his fence and was bit by a jaguar.

Thats how this hybrid wolf and her daughter (by the grey wolf) ended up at Genesis. Now although Genesis is much better qualified to keep these animals, they are currently stuck in a small cage. Genesis wants to give them more room and are getting ready to move to a larger facility with several acres of land, but they can't afford the wolf proof fencing they need.

I'm sending this e-mail out and hopes of finding some people who will donate.


The following link is to the DONATION page (When you hit donate, the Pay Pal page comes up. You do not have to have a Pay Pal account to donate. Please make a note that your donation is for fencing for the wolves.)

Thanks everyone


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I will gladly donate to help out, beautiful babes.. but just a quarter acre worries me. That's not big enough for a wolf habitat.
That's just what we were told. There's a whole board behind Genesis, and a whole housing development backing their move into their community, and animal control, of course, will be monitoring the situation, so the area size may change- especially if they actually raise enough money for the fencing they need. I just wanted to get the word out, so the wolves can be moved as soon a possible.
Mod note: yes, it is fine, but given the sheer number of communities this was cross-posted to, an lj-cut somewhere after the first pic would be nice. ;)

Good luck, too, especially to the wolves.
Whoops, I guess you're right :-) I wasn't thinking that there'd be a lot of member cross-over, but maybe there is :-) Will go do that now.